Are you experiencing homosexual attractions and looking for answers? Perhaps the Holy Spirit is calling you to join us at Courage Atlanta.

 In helping members gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the Church's teachings, Courage extends the Church's invitation to experience the freedom of chaste living. In chaste living, we find greater freedom, peace and grace to grow in Christian maturity. Courage can help you develop an interior life of chastity, the universal call to all Christians. At our meetings, you'll get to talk and share and pray with men and women who carry the same cross.


If you live within driving distance of the Atlanta metropolitan area, please consider joining us in our face-to-face meetings. Come see what we are about. Get to know our community. You'll be glad you did!


Courage is an organization based on Catholic doctrine.  However after a brief screening process to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the members it is open to anyone who is suffering from Same Sex Attraction.

Individuals participate in the Courage community in several different ways. Most join a local chapter. Others may come for individual spiritual direction, while still others affiliate by mail, or telephone, or by attending the annual national summer conference. Courage has the same goals for every member. One format often adopted for group meetings is patterned on the Twelve Step Program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. But this program is not required; each Courage chapter is free under the guidance of its diocesan director to use whatever format will be most effective in their particular circumstances. Our experience is that a format will be productive only to the degree it focuses on the individual's spiritual and psychological development by helping a person to move toward the growth to which one is called.